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Bumbada Bumbada Bumbada

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So my friends dragged me out this weekend to see the highly-acclaimed Deadpool.


So, i got there, grabbed my tickets and my popcorn. Small or Large? Large pleaseeee! with everything on the side.

At home, after the movie, i felt a rumbling in my tummy… (bumbada x3)

No, it didn’t mean i was hungry and No, it wasn’t Mimee time.

i have no idea when it all went down the toilet, literally, but it did and is still today.

Now, the toilet at my office, (a startup) is located at the back of the conference room. This means i have to pass my boss’ office to get to the toilet. MY GOD!

Anytime i feel the Bumbada, i have to have a serious conversation with myself that goes something like this:

Me: MustΒ we do this?

Bumbada: Yes, i think we must.

must we

PS: I blame Deadpool

PPS: The movie was awesome.

PPPS: This was in no way caused by the puff puff i ate on Sunday.


Author: Adapuffpuff

I blog about Books and Buff Stuff.

One thought on “Bumbada Bumbada Bumbada

  1. Ada….BUMBADA is contagious.


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