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My Serious Case Of Social Awkwardness

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That day, she walked up to the stage of the Big Church. All the adults were looking at her, awaiting the presentation she was about to make.

“My name is Adaobi, and-I-and-I,” she stuttered and began to cry. They all laughed, because what wasn’t funny about an eight-year old breaking down on stage right?


I seriously have no recollection of this ever happening to me but that was exactly how mum narrated it. In retrospect, i suspect that event as the cause of my shyness, social awkwardness and extreme stage fright. Yet, you’ll still see me signing up for Talent hunts only to get there and stare everyone in the face. Or, singing at a relative’s birthday party. That particular event was just the worst. I spent time composing and writing the birthday song i was going to ย sing, only to get there and forget everything. In the end i started throwing random lyrics together to form some inharmonious noise that was incredibly loud over the microphone. Of course, no one clapped; it was awful.


So, here i am. A socially awkward “adult’ who happens to be an introvert. Sue me.

And for the weekly food for thought:

making of puffย We are nothing but puff puff batter in the hand of the creator.


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