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Abuja: Book Reading at Thought Pyramid Art Gallery


Hey puff puffs!
Hope you guys have had an amazing week because mine has been stressful. I’ve been so tired, i think I’ve been walking around sleeping in my head. Can you believe I’m even working tomorrow, Saturday?!

Anyway, this post has been a long time coming because the event actually happened last week (my birthday week, and might i add that that was an amazing week), but i was waiting on the pictures.
So, Othuke Ominiabohs, the author of Odufa, read my review and invited me to his book reading (Yes he did, even though i would have gone anyway LOL)
He is sooo nice! Like, reaaaally nice! But more of that later.

Thought Pyramid Art Gallery is located at No 18 Libreville Crescent off Aminu Kano way, Wuse II Abuja.
The place was so fancy, it made me nervous.
First, the sculptures outside (I really wish i had pictures of everything): i initially thought they were human beings sitting outside. But they were just scultures of everything, ranging from animals to humans to abstracts.
Then, the elegant restaurant at the corner with the bright lights, you can’t miss it.
I should add that the Art Gallery works mostly in conjunction with Embassies so that night, the German Embassy held the stage. There was a ‘showing’ of a movie. The movie was titled Pitter Patter Goes My Heart. It was, of course, in German. I’ve heard that Foreign movies with subtitles are boring, especially those fancy ones. Well, this one was funny and weird. It was also a short movie so maybe that’s why i didn’t notice LOL (45 minutes max).

Before the showing and the reading (I never used to use these words as nouns before), i met up with Othuke and we chatted for a short while, which was cool.

Then, we all went to sit to watch the movie.
After the movie, there was a brief introduction and then Othuke started reading key points in the book. It helped that i had read the book before because listening to some of the scenes being read out made me smile.

My short moment of bliss ended because of the Time constraint.
You can see some of the art, thankfully.
There was a brief session of questions which brought up very interesting topics.
Othuke was being very diplomatic with the questions LOL

When he was asked how much of the book was actually fiction, he said that there’s no fiction that’s 100% fiction.
When he was asked whether he thought that his book supports parental interference in marriage, he said he’d leave that for the reader to decide.
There were many others.
Honestly, i thought his answers made the interaction more fun because everyone seemed to be having a great time and more questions kept flowing in.

There were literary critics too! Forgot to mention. And a lot of people who seemed “book-y” like me.

Book Signing Time!

Here’s Roland, who’s just the best, trying to get Othuke to sign my book.
And i said, Othuke is soo nice, he gave me an extra copy and signed that too!
He wrote, “Adaobi, thank you for being my number one fan. Ohms.”
He was also impressed with the review, ha!

The second copy (revised edition) is sooo up for grabs! πŸ˜‰

Well, that pretty much wraps it up. I wish i had more pictures for you guys.
Photo credit: @4eyedmonk for most of the pictures

I know y’all are waiting on a puff puff post. But Soon!
Have a lovely weekend, puff puffs! 😘✌

Also, i wanted to congratulate Tokoni Olobio, one of my buff readers, on His Graduation today! Also, Congrats to everyone from the Prestige Set! Soar!

Remain Buff!


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4 thoughts on “Abuja: Book Reading at Thought Pyramid Art Gallery

  1. Bleeeh


  2. Hi Ada,

    Thank you and I must say, I’m jealous of you.
    I’m thinking of writing Othuke a letter to do another book signing next week Friday, just for me of course.


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