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Akuko-Ifo: Episode I


Hey Buff people!

I am so happy to be announcing my series of African stories that i titled Akuko-Ifo. They are a set of discontinuous stories that would be told like folktales.

One of my earliest memories is sitting in our NEPA- deprived sitting room and listening to my mum tell me stories that opened up my imaginations and allowed me to dream.

Akuko-Ifo is an igbo word for story or fairy tale.

They will include songs, poems and comedy. Most of them will have moral lessons embedded in them, just like the ancient art, but some might just be for your entertainment alone.

I am really excited; i’ve written four already.

Here goes!

A long, long time ago, when dogs didn’t bark and men carried babies, there was a tortoise named Mbe.


Mbe, the tortoise, was a very successful palm wine tapper. Not only was he a good tapper, he was also a great climber. He could climb the tallest palm trees in the world in order to get his sweet, sweet wine. The fame of his wines spread across all the kingdoms and even the dead yearned for a taste. His wines were so sweet and strong; they could bring down even the fattest elephant.

All of the animals were jealous of Mbe because no one could climb as high as he could without falling.

But there was something that they did not like about Mbe; he did not know how to keep his mouth shut.

Whenever he climbed a tree, he was able to see across the whole village and even tell what the animals were doing. Then, he would sing about the things he saw, from the top of the tree, so that all the villagers would hear. With a loud voice, he would sing:

Nzuzo o, Nzuzo

Nkita the dog is eating his own faeces o, Nzuzo

Agu the lion is feasting on grass o, Nzuzo

Ewu the goat has stolen some yams o, Nzuzo

I can see where Bussu the cat is keeping her faeces o, Nzuzo

Nzuzo o, Nzuzo.

None of the animals could tell Mbe to stop because no one wanted to get on his bad side; they all wanted his sweet palm wine. So they endured this for a long time.

One day, Mbe came across a very tall palm tree. The tree was so tall, its top was in the clouds and could not be seen.

“If I climb this tree, I will be able to see the secrets of the whole world and even heaven,” Mbe said to himself.

So, Mbe began to climb and climb and climb. It took him many days.

Finally, he reached the top.

He was right! He could see across the world!

Then, he began to sing with a very loud voice so the whole world could hear:

Nzuzo o, Nzuzo

I can see the world o, Nzuzo

The world is round o, Nzuzo

Nzuzo o, Nzuzo.

All the animals gathered at the foot of the tree in amazement and waited for Mbe to come down.

Then, Mbe poked his head into the clouds so that he could see the secrets of Heaven too.

All the strong majestic birds were present there, working with Chi to produce rain for the coming rainy season.

This was the biggest secret in the Animal kingdom because no one knew how the rains came.

Mbe observed them for a while before he started to sing:

Nzuzo o, Nzuzo

I know how rain is formed o, Nzuzo

Just before Mbe could finish his song, all the strong birds rushed to him and pushed him down the tree.

Mbe fell from the tall palm tree to the ground with a great thud.


All the other animals walked away, clucking their tongues and shaking their heads, because Mbe had finally gotten what was coming to him.

Besides, he did not bring down any palm wine.

Mbe, the tortoise, never climbed any tree again.

If you doubt me, go and ask the tortoise how he got his cracked shell.

This series is solely my intellectual work, unless otherwise stated. Unauthorized copying will taken seriously. Of course, reblogging is fine, but please message me if you plan on displaying them elsewhere. Thanks for understanding. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Akuko-Ifo: Episode I

  1. So uhmmm, how many days did it take Mbe to climb one tree though? last I checked tortoises are slow. Very slow…..

    Nice story though. I enjoyed how you successfully gave me another explanation for the tortoise’s cracked shell. I’ve heard tons of stories about the tortoise’s cracked shell and I’m not sure which one to believe. Been asking all the tortoises I’ve met but they don’t seem to be able to answer me. It’s like they don’t know how their shells got cracked either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading, although I am a little concerned about the one-sided conversations you’ve been having with those snobby tortoises. Maybe you should try giving me some of the stuff you take so i can give them a piece of my mind too?

      Liked by 1 person

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