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Nightmare: A poem


Closed my eyes to dream last night

And i had a nightmare

I was sentenced to live in the human race
Where hatred for a human life is
Thicker than the blood that flows through all our veins

A race where a new hashtag means another life has been wiped out
Like erasers to a black marker
A race, with a place where the police is not your friend.
Live by the law, die by the law.

With tears gushing out my eyes like waters from a waterfall, i was
Forced to go through one sickening replay after another
Of the injustice that has swallowed up each continent.
Melanin judgements.

I was burdened with a world filled with Poverty, oppression and looming wars
Murder, injustice and Prison bars
Even for our voices.
The corrupt being investigated by the corrupt.

I, wonder.
What sort of race is this? 
When will this
nightmare end?

I closed my eyes to dream
And i had a nightmare
With a start, I WOKE this morning
I am still human.


Author: Adapuffpuff

I blog about Books and Buff Stuff.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare: A poem

  1. Beautifully described!


  2. BeautifulπŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™


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