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Shit, I’m a Terrible Blogger.


Okay, a lot has happened and i need to give you all the updates. I’m trying my best to develop content here but it hasn’t been easy, especially for my stories or poems. The reason for that is some of the stories i write are accepted by some publications that require me not to post it anywhere else.😒

Another reason is the number of activities that I’m running right now and i need focus. For example: I’m writing my report for my Industrial Training attachment i just finished, i am also running a free healthcare project at an IDP camp on the 20th of August and I’m involved with the Goal Charity event happening on the 13th of August. Lord help me.

But it hasn’t all been work though, there’s been the fun parts too. I attended and will be attending some events soon that i can’t wait to share. 

Announcement: There will be a book reading of Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen at Salamander Cafe today, 7th August! There will also be open mic night at Abuja Literary Society Next Friday, 12th August at Sandralia hotel, Jabi and i think i will be performing. Be there!

I hate that i haven’t reviewed  The Fishermen, and the book reading is already here. I have it o, it’s just laziness. Also, i will be posting the review of Yejide Kilanko’s Daughter Who Walk This Path soon too.

So, yeah! Last month, i won a small competition at Storried where there was a prize money. It was very exciting because i actually forgot i sent in an entry. I will post the story next. It is a children’s story and that was what began my journey into the world of folktales and Akuko-Ifo. 

Yes, i have to address the Akuko-Ifo fans. Your girl is truly sorry. As i said, it hasn’t been easy. Akuko-Ifo seems like the simplest thing on here, but in fact it isn’t. I will still try to post every Friday though.

I really suck at blogging😒 but i have been having fun so far so i will continue.

Please show some love in the comment section! 


Author: Adapuffpuff

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5 thoughts on “Shit, I’m a Terrible Blogger.

  1. You’re a terrible blogger (your words, not mine), I stopped reading at ‘Prize money’. πŸ‘€


  2. You’re a terriblly good blogger to me Ada. Stay strong.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A new visitor to your blog, but I’m impressed with your clear style of sharing experiences. Hope to be a constant here. Well done dear


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