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Akuko-Ifo: Episode III


Could it be? Is it true? Is she really…

LOL. Yes. It’s another episode of Akuko Ifo stories. Hope you enjoy!

taleOnce upon a time, in a small, lonely town, there lived a girl called Rotachi. Rotachi was a very talented girl and very funny too. When Rotachi was very young, she lived happily with her parents; her parents both loved her very much.

But one day, her father married another wife.

The second wife was very polite at first, but as time went by, it became clear that she hated Rotachi. They all lived a very hostile cohabitation in their small house.

Soon, Rotachi’s mother became very ill and just before she died, she told Rotachi a proverb, “If you cannot please the gods, trick them.” The proverb lingered at the back of her mind as she grew.

Years later, Rotachi’s father also died, leaving behind a small fortune for her and leaving her in the care of her bitter step-mother.


One day, after years of asking for her inheritance but getting little to no reply, Rotachi had had enough. So she confronted her stepmother about her inheritance, because she wanted to leave the town and start a life somewhere else.

When the woman saw that Rotachi was very serious, she told her,

“Okay, fine. If you can bring to me sadness in happiness, i will give you your inheritance.”

Rotachi looked forward to the prospect of getting what was hers but was not pleased that the old woman was giving her such a strange condition.

But, she began to ask around, about the sadness in happiness. No one seemed to know what she was talking about. It became clear that she would need more effort to accomplish her task.

So, she traveled round Igboland, asking wisemen and dibias, teachers and gurus, men and women.

No one knew what the sadness in happiness was, not to talk of bringing it to Rotachi’s step-mother. They all told her that it was either sadness or happiness, never both.

Resigned, Rotachi went back to her house.

“I couldn’t find sadness in happiness…” She told her step-mother, sadly.

“Well, i guess you cannot get your inheritance then. Best to be on your way now.”

Rotachi thought for a minute and then said, “…I will. But not until i tell you this story.”

Her step-mother angrily responded, “Yes?”

Rotachi began, “A Yoruba man, a Hausa man and an Igbo man went to drink at a bar. They soon began to talk about their children. The yoruba man said, ‘My son was born on the day of the Eyo festival, so we obviously decided to name him Eyo. ‘Wow, that’s a real coincidence,’ remarked the Hausa man. ‘because my son was born on the day of the Dambe boxing festival, so obviously we decided to call him Dambe.’
‘That’s incredible! what a coincidence,’ said the Igbo man. ‘Exactly the same thing happened with my son, New yam.’”

Immediately Rotachi finished her story, there was a short pause of silence.

Then her step-mother began to laugh. She laughed so hard to toppled to the ground. The more she wanted to stop, the more she couldn’t because she hadn’t laughed that hard in years.

As soon as Rotachi saw tears escape the woman’s eyes, she said, “This is the sadness in happiness.” Rotachi said.

The woman had no choice but to give Rotachi her inheritance. Rotachi took it and went on her way.

And they lived happily ever after… just not together.

LOL! I really enjoyed writing this story. Honestly, i was bored and i came up with the joke this evening and i just had to share. The whole story was written around it.

Tell me what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Akuko-Ifo: Episode III

  1. By this akuko-ifo I guess ‘Happiness in sadness’ is any thing that makes you laugh until you cry or until tears escape from your eyes.
    Many Nigerian comedians are qualified to collect several inheritances

    Liked by 1 person

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