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For Books and Buff Stuff.


Hello Buff Reader!


My name is Adaobi B.T Onyeakagbu. I’m a writer, voracious reader and i’m currently in my final year studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I’m also a puff puff enthusiast, could you guess? Yes, that’s where the name came from. It’s a brand thing, i guess.
I love culture. I love art. I love poetry. I love adventure, even if it means lying in my bed and travelling one page at a time, i’d do it.

Buff Puff Puff was started from a Eureka! moment- kind of like a joke because i love books and loveย bugging my friends about my latest reads- but it has grown into something much much more.

Here, you’d find everything from literature to culture to food.

Genres i review:

  • African Literature
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Dystopian Sci-Fi
  • Romance of course
  • Graphic Novels
  • any other peculiar genre i fall in love with along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰

To Authors: I only do honest reviewsย and would be happy to provide a blurb for your book.ย Sendย me an email at dobis2012@gmail.com telling me briefly about your book and where i can get it. Btw, I love receiving Advance Reading Copies, haha!

To Event Planners: Email me at dobis2012@gmail.com to tell me about the event you’d love me to attend. This should be done at least 2 weeks before the event. For now, I can only attend Nigerian events.

And to my darling readers: Please leave comments about things you’d love to see on the blog, especially books and events.

Join me on this adventure asย I hope to make you smile and make you dream too.
Remain Buff!