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Talk Talk Tuesday: Reading Styles

Good morning Buff people!

So there’s this recent trend among book-bloggers, where they answer a bunch of questions concerning their reading syles/interests. Well, as the follow-follow that i am, i decided to the same for you guys. HAHA. Did you know, in my mind i have this vast range of audience that reads every single thing i post. Lol, let’s not ruin it.

Anyway, even though i was doing follow-follow, i decided to make it not centered on me but rather on my blog’s audience and on some randomly chosen voracious readers.

For this week’s questions, i got talking with Tony… not Tetuila, i’m afraid. But he’s so awesome, really. Tony is also a fan of literature. He writes too, even though he thinks he’s bad at poetry. You can read more of his work on Temisan’s blog.ย Without further ado, here we go: Continue reading

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Abuja: My Visit to Mountain Village with Project Hope Alive

Hey buff readers! I’ve missed posting i swear! My biggest fan, my mother, thinks I’m depressed and called me this evening to query why she hadn’tseen a post up yet… *sigh*

So here i am, my puff puff people, promising to do a better job and trying to convince my mum that I’m not depressed!

As some of you guys know, i have been volunteering/helping out at some NGOs and some charity-based initiatives. This particular event was organized by a non profit NGO Project Hope Alive.

On Sunday 24th July, which was World Merit Day, i and the rest of the team members at Project Hope Alive visited a settlement in Abuja. It was a day of conscious awareness for the occupants at the mountain village in Abuja, as we set out to create awareness on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Continue reading

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My puff puff making Experience.

Hey Buff Readers!

It has indeed been a very busy week since i last posted. Okay, let me be honest, I’ve been very lazy. But that didn’t stop me from coming up with loads of content to post here. It’s just writing them that’s the problem.๐Ÿ˜ฉ

So, during the Muslim holiday, Sallah, while y’all were in your house, i took out the time to make puff puff with my bestfriend Uwem. I did this, not only so i could derive joy (because, duh), i also wanted to update my buff fam๐Ÿ’ช with a puff-puff post cause y’know… you’ve been dying for one. LOL.

If you’re on my snapchat, you’ve pretty much seen it all… so this is just a short play by play of how it all went down.

Here goes! Continue reading


Abuja: Book Reading at Thought Pyramid Art Gallery

Hey puff puffs!
Hope you guys have had an amazing week because mine has been stressful. I’ve been so tired, i think I’ve been walking around sleeping in my head. Can you believe I’m even working tomorrow, Saturday?!

Anyway, this post has been a long time coming because the event actually happened last week (my birthday week, and might i add that that was an amazing week), but i was waiting on the pictures.
So, Othuke Ominiabohs, the author of Odufa, read my review and invited me to his book reading (Yes he did, even though i would have gone anyway LOL)
He is sooo nice! Like, reaaaally nice! But more of that later.

Thought Pyramid Art Gallery is located at No 18 Libreville Crescent off Aminu Kano way, Wuse II Abuja.
The place was so fancy, it made me nervous.
First, the sculptures outside (I really wish i had pictures of everything): i initially thought they were human beings sitting outside. But they were just scultures of everything, ranging from animals to humans to abstracts.
Then, the elegant restaurant at the corner with the bright lights, you can’t miss it.
I should add that the Art Gallery works mostly in conjunction with Embassies so that night, the German Embassy held the stage. There was a ‘showing’ of a movie. The movie was titled Pitter Patter Goes My Heart. It was, of course, in German. I’ve heard that Foreign movies with subtitles are boring, especially those fancy ones. Well, this one was funny and weird. It was also a short movie so maybe that’s why i didn’t notice LOL (45 minutes max).

Before the showing and the reading (I never used to use these words as nouns before), i met up with Othuke and we chatted for a short while, which was cool.

Then, we all went to sit to watch the movie.
After the movie, there was a brief introduction and then Othuke started reading key points in the book. It helped that i had read the book before because listening to some of the scenes being read out made me smile.

My short moment of bliss ended because of the Time constraint.
You can see some of the art, thankfully.
There was a brief session of questions which brought up very interesting topics.
Othuke was being very diplomatic with the questions LOL

When he was asked how much of the book was actually fiction, he said that there’s no fiction that’s 100% fiction.
When he was asked whether he thought that his book supports parental interference in marriage, he said he’d leave that for the reader to decide.
There were many others.
Honestly, i thought his answers made the interaction more fun because everyone seemed to be having a great time and more questions kept flowing in.

There were literary critics too! Forgot to mention. And a lot of people who seemed “book-y” like me.

Book Signing Time!

Here’s Roland, who’s just the best, trying to get Othuke to sign my book.
And i said, Othuke is soo nice, he gave me an extra copy and signed that too!
He wrote, “Adaobi, thank you for being my number one fan. Ohms.”
He was also impressed with the review, ha!

The second copy (revised edition) is sooo up for grabs! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, that pretty much wraps it up. I wish i had more pictures for you guys.
Photo credit: @4eyedmonk for most of the pictures

I know y’all are waiting on a puff puff post. But Soon!
Have a lovely weekend, puff puffs! 😘โœŒ

Also, i wanted to congratulate Tokoni Olobio, one of my buff readers, on His Graduation today! Also, Congrats to everyone from the Prestige Set! Soar!

Remain Buff!


Abuja: My visit to the school for the blind

Hey guys!
It’s monday again and another week of drab office work.
Well, yesterday was my birthday!! Can i get a whoop whoop?!
Some friends and I visited the FCT school for the blind which is located at No 15, Audu Ogbeh Street, Jabi.
It was a blessed time!
I decided to do this about a week ago, and started the process to bringing it to fruition. A lot of people contributed money, clothes, food items and most of all, time.


During the week, i had doubts and just thought i was in way over my head. I sometimes had the urge to back out and just stay in as usual. But then, i had an amazing support system with people like Tosin Likinyo, my mum and so many others! I was particularly excited that the National Malaria Elimination Programme gave us mosquito nets!
Even though we didn’t really have much i was glad that the children appreciated what we could bring. I want to specially thank My parents, Tosin, Sunade, Daniel, Alfred, Onyinye, Nifemi, Ogochukwu, Tochi, Tobi Olaiya, Fiati, Gift, Emeka, Roland, Nehemiah and Korede for supporting this cause in their own way. I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and for making me feel so special. My cousin started asking if people thought it was my wedding sef LOL.






The visit was an emotionally fulfilling and just made us appreciate where we are and what God has given us.
I didn’t do this so people will know me as a good person or for any reward. I did this because i wanted to put a smile on someone’s face even if it’s just a little child. I’m grateful God used me to do so! This is just the beginning!

PS: i didn’t eat any puff puff yesterday ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Abuja: My Visit to Arts and Craft Village

Hello Guys! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend? Well, i am!
So last week, i went to the Arts and Craft village in Abuja for a photoshoot. You know, that place opposite silverbird you always see with huts and fine things and say you’ll visit but have never gotten to go? Yeah. I’ve lived here all my life but never gone. So, I was super excited when i heard that was the location and as it turns out, Zimmani and I were the first ones there.


Madam boss

Off Guard! I didn’t pose for this honestly. Amarachi (IG:@mikazzi) took the shot.

I decided to do a photo journal of my time at the place. I took many of the pictures and even surprised Zimmani with my skills *wink*
Let’s begin. ๐Ÿ˜€
First off, each hut had it’s own unique design on the windows and door posts. Even the doors were art works.


This was the first shop we entered. Have you heard that saying, “don’t buy from the first shop you enter”? Well, i took that saying and chucked it to the wind. I got nice stuff from here mehn, even Zimanie did too.



Don’t mind my weirdly positioned legs joor.
There were so many things in this shop; ranging from jewelries to shoes to bags and carpets. They even had cushion covers for those morrocan style cushions i love so much. The jewelries could be called affordable, that’s if you know how to bargain well with the mallams.


Here’s the corner for the slippers and decorations. The colorful boxes are used as jewelry boxes. The mallam here seemed very learned (i can’t form political correctness here) and even spoke Korean (or whatever he spoke to the Asian man. It was sha not hausa). I now saw that black box with the orange stripes and thought it was a router, i was already planning to tell the mallam to check my blog post. It turned out to be star times decoder.



There were so many bags and purses, but this one particularly caught my eye. The flap was made from the head of a small alligator and it seemed so real! If you look at the second picture closely, you’ll see the teeth are still intact. I touched it o LOL.
We soon left the shop after that.


Cushions! Ooh and Alligators too! I and Zimmani had an argument on whether or not these were real. The mallam that sold this was on Zimmani’s side of course. I just thought it’s made out of leather or something. I had to do a lot of touching and feeling before i even said, “it seems real”.


These sculptures are beautiful and well crafted but very expensive. The stools are light and foldable but the speed i used to exit the place, when i heard the price for one, cannot be explained.


Beautifully and Preciously made. As i have pointed out (in my very weird way), these are precious stones. Honestly, they looked like regular stones to me but i took a shot of it anyway.


Still on the precious stones, Zimmani was really into them(Why? I don’t know) he started asking the man if he sold diamonds too (Zimmani o!)


Random shot: Flamingo
I don’t exactly know what to call this shop but they had caricatures of different animals. Along with other sculptures.


This Rhino was strangely beautiful. I could really see myself buying this and hanging on my room door to scare people at night LMAO!


“The many faced god” i call it. Reminds me of the art in mueseums abroad. They stole it from us anyway.


Random art sculptures and art. This was where i spotted those sexy girls and ran to them. No homo.


Melanin always goes with white.


This was the nicest mallam i met. He took time to explain things to us and joked around with us. Zimmani was asking about the pipe (He looked really cool so i took a shot lol).


Still in the nice mallam’s shop.
Zimmani said he wanted to buy this for his ‘babe’ but i refused. Well, as pretty as they are, they aren’t my style.


Where do you think this map was made?
They just had to colour their own LOL.


At the arts and craft village, DASHIKI is their forte. There were so many shops with it and so many stlyes. Some of them are sown right on the grounds. I even saw a silk halter-neck flowy dress made with Dashiki pattern. Pretty and colorful. The price of Dashiki here is pretty constant all through the grounds but i feel you can get a good bargain if you really try. I didn’t push because i didn’t really want to buy.


He could be the next Olajumoke, who knows?


I don’t know what was going through my mind when i took this shot but now it reminds me of a scene from August rush, about those wind chimes. It’s a beautiful shot regardless.


“Don’t take pictures of the art!” is what you hear when you go to art galleries. You don’t hear that here.
I’ve found that I’ve written amazing short stories from staring at art or pictures and writing down what vibes i get drom the pictures. I think it’s a good way to overcome writer’s block.


This is my favorite one! What vibes are you getting from this one? Drop a comment for me about it ๐Ÿ˜€


The theater where people come at night and watch drama, plays or movies. It seemed abandoned and reminded of me of how things that held so much color could fade away in an instant. It’ll be bubbling and colorful at night and then at dawn, deserted and dry in an eye’s twitch.


Final shot. Umunna kwenu!
Well, that’s a wrap. After we toured the grounds we started our photoshoot. Let me leave some more pictures, enjoy!


Outfits by Freddy nation (IG: @_freddynation)
Photos by Ordinary and Art (IG: @ordinaryandart)






Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did? Watch this space for more visits and adventures!

Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Love you puff puffs!


15 Fun Facts you need to know about Puff Puff

Good Morning Buff Puff Puffs! Here are some things you didn’t know or might have known about puff puff!

  1. Basic: Puff Puff is a popular African snack made out of flour, yeast, water, sugar, butter, salt and eggs and then deep fried in oil.


    frying of puff puff

  2. The yeast is responsible for the puff-ness, but can be replaced by baking powder.
  3. It is the building block of every small chops pack especially at weddings and occasions.

    Notice how the Puff puff is the majority after meat.

    Notice how the Puff puff is the majority after meat.

  4. Puff Puff is known as Bofrot in Ghana, Mikate in Congo, Kala in Liberia and Mandazi in East and South Africa.
  5. It has a total of 209 calories (14 from fat) per 62.9 grams serving and has no Trans Fat. – Caloriecount.com
  6. Puff Puff has a Wikipedia page. (and my blog is not even on the second page of Google search LOL!)
  7. Fun: It can be made into a healthy snack. There’s mango-dipped, coconut sprinkled, even Moringa puff puff dey.

    Madam Dooneys Kitchen at it with the innovative snacks.

    Mango and Zobo Puff Puff by Afrolems

    Mango-topped and Zobo-topped Puff Puff by Afrolems

  8. I have found the following in some puff puffs: Pepper, Onion, Corned-beef, Minced meat, Nutella, coconut, sausage, sprinkles such as white powder, additives such as syrup/caramel and food dye, etc.
    Minced meat filled puff puff from 1qfoodplatter

    Minced meat filled puff puff from 1Q Food Platter

    White Powder accessory in Somali

    White Powder accessory in Somali LMAO =D

    some green dye to jazz it up for Nigeria's independence day by

    some green dye to jazz it up for Nigeria’s independence day by Renaissance

  9. Apparently, you can drink Puff Puff.

    I don't know how she did it but she is drinking puff puff to prepare for summer

    I don’t know how she did it but Thelmz Kitchenย is drinking puff puff to prepare for summer and she’s making want some! โค

  10. This is not Puff Puff
    This is not Puff Puff

    This is not Puff Puff, Uncle Kelvin Wayer! Eez nuh fine.



  11. To spice things up a bit, Puff Puff can be served in different flavours too such as: Chocolate puff puff, Ribena puff puff, orange puff puff, mango puff puff and even zobo puff puff.
    Chocolate puff puff

    Chocolate puff puff by Immacuate Bites

    Zobo/ Ribena flavoured puff puff by Dunni again

    Zobo/ Ribena flavoured puff puff by Dunni again

  12. There are such things as kebabed puff puff
    babana-puff puff kebab

    babana-puff puff kebab by Nigerian Food TV

    Puff puff sausage sticks

    Chic Puff puff sausage sticks by 1Q Food Platter


    Puff puff suya skewers by Kitchen butterfly

  13. Hack: Most people scoop the puff puff batter with their hands but you can also use an Ice cream scoop to get that perfect puff puff shape.

    making of puff

    Most popular style of making puff puff

  14. Did you know?ย The name Puff Puff is also a Japanese sexual term meaning to place one’s faceย between a woman’s breasts.



  15. When you see the phrase ‘Puff Puff Pass’, it refers to the cycle involved with the smoking of marijuana.

    I prefer to think of it as PUFF PUFF IS THE GREATEST!!

    I prefer to think of it as PUFF PUFF IS THE GREATEST!!

I know there are people who love Puff puff as much as I do (Victoria King) and if you’re reading, I want you to know this: Whenever someone asks you, “Why Puff Puff?” This should be your answer

Why not Puff Puff?

Why not Puff Puff?

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! If you know something about Puff puff that isn’t listed, please drop a witty comment about it in the comment section. Don’t forget to like too! Muah!


Bumbada Bumbada Bumbada

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So my friends dragged me out this weekend to see the highly-acclaimed Deadpool.


So, i got there, grabbed my tickets and my popcorn. Small or Large? Large pleaseeee! with everything on the side.

At home, after the movie, i felt a rumbling in my tummy… (bumbada x3)

No, it didn’t mean i was hungry and No, it wasn’t Mimee time.

i have no idea when it all went down the toilet, literally, but it did and is still today.

Now, the toilet at my office, (a startup) is located at the back of the conference room. This means i have to pass my boss’ office to get to the toilet. MY GOD!

Anytime i feel the Bumbada, i have to have a serious conversation with myself that goes something like this:

Me: Mustย we do this?

Bumbada: Yes, i think we must.

must we

PS: I blame Deadpool

PPS: The movie was awesome.

PPPS: This was in no way caused by the puff puff i ate on Sunday.

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My name is Puff Puff

peepee's intro
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The name is Adaobi, Puff Puff for short.
This was literally the last conversation i had last night, so i decided to make a toon out of it!

Boredom at work= stuff like this… Watch this Space for more of my work and more puff puff trivia.

Yours truly, Pee Pee. (lol, the name is so silly!)