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“Don’t tell me that shit!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m about to cuss a lot. And my sentences might not be constructed properly.

Okay, so in the early hours of yesterday, someone was hungry, tired and bored, so she decided to make a thread on twitter about African literature that would change the way a lot of people viewed the genre.

No, not the good kind.

She decided to put down African literature in a way that i feel is insulting, degrading and very very presumptuous. Yeah yeah, it’s twitter and yeah there’s freedom of expression, but you can’t just say that shit and not expect to get backlash. But of course, many of us that were not in support, were so nice (except Tony of course) and so there was no real trailer jam.

I will tell you why her tweets bugged me.

At first, when someone brought my attention to the series of tweets, i was like, “she definitely hasn’t read a lot of books” but apparently, she’s widely read and even studied literature in college.

No shit.

Anyway, i had the whole day to think about it before i decided i was angry. I literally woke up in the middle of the night to write this.

How it all started: Continue reading


Suicide, An anthology and Alice Walker: Books I Read In September

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening, depending on when you read this, Buff Reader! I’m hoping your weekend went well? Well, i’ve busied myself this weekend with ranting on Twitter about Donald Trump and discovering the beautiful African Music of Late Miriam Makeba. I am tired.

On a lighter note, i have decided to do a sort of a wrap up on September because i realized that there were so many amazing books i read in September that i am yet to share here. I had reservations at first, due to the dates of publication but i decided to share anyway.

thirteen-reasons-why13 REASONS WHY by Jay Asher

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Year Publication: 2007

Download book here


This book truly changed me. I was reluctant to read it at first, as it fell into my library accidentally. As soon as i began reading it, i realized i was going to love it.

The plot basically follows a teenage boy, Clay Jensen, who receives a box of tapes from his dead classmate, Hannah Baker, giving reasons for why she killed herself. We follow the string of emotions and decisions he has to make as he listens to the heart-wrenching tapes. Continue reading


Talk Talk Tuesday: Reading Styles

Good morning Buff people!

So there’s this recent trend among book-bloggers, where they answer a bunch of questions concerning their reading syles/interests. Well, as the follow-follow that i am, i decided to the same for you guys. HAHA. Did you know, in my mind i have this vast range of audience that reads every single thing i post. Lol, let’s not ruin it.

Anyway, even though i was doing follow-follow, i decided to make it not centered on me but rather on my blog’s audience and on some randomly chosen voracious readers.

For this week’s questions, i got talking with Tony… not Tetuila, i’m afraid. But he’s so awesome, really. Tony is also a fan of literature. He writes too, even though he thinks he’s bad at poetry. You can read more of his work on Temisan’s blog. Without further ado, here we go: Continue reading


Shit, I’m a Terrible Blogger.

Okay, a lot has happened and i need to give you all the updates. I’m trying my best to develop content here but it hasn’t been easy, especially for my stories or poems. The reason for that is some of the stories i write are accepted by some publications that require me not to post it anywhere else.😢

Another reason is the number of activities that I’m running right now and i need focus. For example: I’m writing my report for my Industrial Training attachment i just finished, i am also running a free healthcare project at an IDP camp on the 20th of August and I’m involved with the Goal Charity event happening on the 13th of August. Lord help me.

But it hasn’t all been work though, there’s been the fun parts too. I attended and will be attending some events soon that i can’t wait to share. 

Announcement: There will be a book reading of Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen at Salamander Cafe today, 7th August! There will also be open mic night at Abuja Literary Society Next Friday, 12th August at Sandralia hotel, Jabi and i think i will be performing. Be there!

I hate that i haven’t reviewed  The Fishermen, and the book reading is already here. I have it o, it’s just laziness. Also, i will be posting the review of Yejide Kilanko’s Daughter Who Walk This Path soon too.

So, yeah! Last month, i won a small competition at Storried where there was a prize money. It was very exciting because i actually forgot i sent in an entry. I will post the story next. It is a children’s story and that was what began my journey into the world of folktales and Akuko-Ifo. 

Yes, i have to address the Akuko-Ifo fans. Your girl is truly sorry. As i said, it hasn’t been easy. Akuko-Ifo seems like the simplest thing on here, but in fact it isn’t. I will still try to post every Friday though.

I really suck at blogging😢 but i have been having fun so far so i will continue.

Please show some love in the comment section! 


NEPA: The Nigerian Big Brother

For the past two weeks, there has been constant power supply in our house. No one has said a word about it, even though the oddity of it all can be seen from our widened eyes and deep sighs of relief when we wake up to light in the morning. When I ask, “Did they take light today,” all I get is an unintelligible sound or a small, “No.” There’s no further comment on how lucky we are that there’s still power, or on how NEPA is doing a swell job. We can’t risk it.

There’s no Nigerian that doesn’t share this mysterious feeling of reverence for the omnipresent NEPA because we all know that, the minute you say the wrong thing, these forces will take their light away. There has been that sheer moment when someone was about to say something negative about the irregular power supply and you said something like, “Don’t let them hear you and take the light, o!” before you could catch yourself. There has also been that moment when you shouted, “Up NEPA” when electricity came back on. Yes, because deep down you know that the forces can hear this and will add your house to their good books.

These forces are even so ‘bad-ass’ that their name has not changed for the past forty-four years, not even privatization agenda or series of name-changing could taint it.

However, this is not to praise how ‘good’ the power supply situation is in the country right now, or how ‘bad’ it is. I’m merely using this as a means to say all the things everyone in my house is so afraid to talk about, so as not to be put on the naughty list by the forces.

Reminiscing about the nineteen-year journey I’ve had with Nigerian power supply, I won’t say the journey has exactly been a good one.

When I was two or three years, a.k.a. the time when children start to ‘know something’, I recall power supply as total black out. Nada. For many days at a time.

We depended heavily on those popular white-wax candles with the red label. My family wasn’t so rich so we didn’t have fancy candle holders as some of my friends did in their own homes. This meant that the candles had to be mounted on the tiled floor or on tables. Lumps of melted wax on floors were a signature feature of this era, and in fact we depended on those lumps for the next candle-mounting. To further explain, having enough melted-wax lumps meant that you got a stronger mounting spot for your candle the next day. Continue reading

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My puff puff making Experience.

Hey Buff Readers!

It has indeed been a very busy week since i last posted. Okay, let me be honest, I’ve been very lazy. But that didn’t stop me from coming up with loads of content to post here. It’s just writing them that’s the problem.😩

So, during the Muslim holiday, Sallah, while y’all were in your house, i took out the time to make puff puff with my bestfriend Uwem. I did this, not only so i could derive joy (because, duh), i also wanted to update my buff fam💪 with a puff-puff post cause y’know… you’ve been dying for one. LOL.

If you’re on my snapchat, you’ve pretty much seen it all… so this is just a short play by play of how it all went down.

Here goes! Continue reading


Nightmare: A poem

Closed my eyes to dream last night

And i had a nightmare

I was sentenced to live in the human race
Where hatred for a human life is
Thicker than the blood that flows through all our veins

A race where a new hashtag means another life has been wiped out
Like erasers to a black marker
A race, with a place where the police is not your friend.
Live by the law, die by the law.

With tears gushing out my eyes like waters from a waterfall, i was
Forced to go through one sickening replay after another
Of the injustice that has swallowed up each continent.
Melanin judgements.

I was burdened with a world filled with Poverty, oppression and looming wars
Murder, injustice and Prison bars
Even for our voices.
The corrupt being investigated by the corrupt.

I, wonder.
What sort of race is this? 
When will this
nightmare end?

I closed my eyes to dream
And i had a nightmare
With a start, I WOKE this morning
I am still human.


List of Bookshops In Portharcourt, Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos

Hey Puff Puffs, good morning.
So some people requested a list of bookshops where they could buy the paperback of Odufa. I am so with you guys! I hate ordering and prefer hardcopy. The night i got my copy, i toured bookshops all over Abuja till a found a tiny cultural restaurant/bookstore that I’m hoping to blog about soon.
Well, enough of the talk talk.

  • The Hub Media Store, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos.
  • Terrakulture, Lagos
  • Patabah Bookstore, Surulere Shoprite, Lagos
  • Quintessence, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Glendora Bookstore, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Laterna Books, Opposite Eko hotel, Lagos
  • Jazzhole, along Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos
  • Mosuro the Booksellers Ltd, Ibadan
  • Options Bookstore, Ibadan
  • University of Ife Bookshop
  • Mosuro the Booksellers Ltd, City plaza, Opposite Obasanjo House, Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Garki II Abuja. Tel: 08058436339
  • H-Medix, Wuse II, Abuja
  • Salamander Cafe, no 5 Bujumbura close, off Libreville street, Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse II, Abuja Tel: 07027850932
  • Booksville World, no 2, Ezimgbu Link Road, Off Stadium Road, PortHarcourt. Tel: 08183362853


These are the few bookshops i could find. I’m sure that at these bookshops, you’d be able to find other new books too.
Have a lovely day Buff Readers!

PS: This is such a perfect weather for hot puff puff, don’t you think?


A picture to make your day!

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You feel it coming for you
Every day that builds up to it
Deep and dreadful is this foreboding

Everyday it looms over your head
Like a shadow during a sunset
The thought of it so much worse
There’s nothing sweet about this wait

And then it comes
The pain so fierce, it braves you for death
Creating a hollow in your middle
Like the emptiness that comes with hunger
Except you’re not hungry

It comes when you don’t expect
In the middle of the night, most times
You toss and turn and feel it in your dreams
A pain so fierce, it rouses you from sleep

You try not to cry
But it hurts, it hurts so bad
The pain is thick and demanding
Every single minute, it needs attention
Drugs, hot water or to change position

And then it’s over
You thank the stars for this respite
And you begin to forget how terrible the pain
That is, till the foreboding comes again
And you prepare for the next month.