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Akuko-Ifo: Episode III

Could it be? Is it true? Is she really…

LOL. Yes. It’s another episode of Akuko Ifo stories. Hope you enjoy!

taleOnce upon a time, in a small, lonely town, there lived a girl called Rotachi. Rotachi was a very talented girl and very funnyΒ too. When Rotachi was very young, she lived happily with her parents; her parents both loved her very much.

But one day, her father married another wife.

The second wife was very polite at first, but as timeΒ went by, it became clear that she hated Rotachi. They all lived a very hostile cohabitation in their small house.

Soon, Rotachi’s mother became very ill and just before she died, she told Rotachi a proverb, “If you cannot please the gods, trick them.” The proverb lingered at the back of her mind as she grew. Continue reading


“Don’t tell me that shit!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m about to cuss a lot. And my sentences might not be constructed properly.

Okay, so in the early hours of yesterday, someone was hungry, tired and bored, so she decided to make a thread on twitter about African literature that would change the way a lot of people viewed the genre.

No, not the good kind.

She decided to put down African literature in a way that i feel is insulting, degrading and very very presumptuous. Yeah yeah, it’s twitter and yeah there’s freedom of expression, but you can’t just say that shit and not expect to get backlash. But of course, many of us that were not in support, were so nice (except Tony of course) and so there was no real trailer jam.

I will tell you why her tweets bugged me.

At first, when someone brought my attention to the series of tweets, i was like, “she definitely hasn’t read a lot of books” but apparently, she’s widely read and even studied literature in college.

No shit.

Anyway, i had the whole day to think about it before i decided i was angry. I literally woke up in the middle of the night to write this.

How it all started: Continue reading


Abuja: My visit to the school for the blind

Hey guys!
It’s monday again and another week of drab office work.
Well, yesterday was my birthday!! Can i get a whoop whoop?!
Some friends and I visited the FCT school for the blind which is located at No 15, Audu Ogbeh Street, Jabi.
It was a blessed time!
I decided to do this about a week ago, and started the process to bringing it to fruition. A lot of people contributed money, clothes, food items and most of all, time.


During the week, i had doubts and just thought i was in way over my head. I sometimes had the urge to back out and just stay in as usual. But then, i had an amazing support system with people like Tosin Likinyo, my mum and so many others! I was particularly excited that the National Malaria Elimination Programme gave us mosquito nets!
Even though we didn’t really have much i was glad that the children appreciated what we could bring. I want to specially thank My parents, Tosin, Sunade, Daniel, Alfred, Onyinye, Nifemi, Ogochukwu, Tochi, Tobi Olaiya, Fiati, Gift, Emeka, Roland, Nehemiah and Korede for supporting this cause in their own way. I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and for making me feel so special. My cousin started asking if people thought it was my wedding sef LOL.






The visit was an emotionally fulfilling and just made us appreciate where we are and what God has given us.
I didn’t do this so people will know me as a good person or for any reward. I did this because i wanted to put a smile on someone’s face even if it’s just a little child. I’m grateful God used me to do so! This is just the beginning!

PS: i didn’t eat any puff puff yesterday 😦