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Ojemba: The Venal Solution

The light of the moon played against the backdrop of deep blue skies; the music of the night, a sweet melody as she danced. The dried branches crackling beneath her feet as she did. The villagers of Ichoku gathered at Nkwo, that night, like they did every full moon; the children listening to folklore, the Nwa agboo dancing to the beat of the drums and Nwokorobia wrestling and chanting praises. How she would have loved to join them, she would have trounced any of those girls any day. But she knew what she was… The one thing she hated; being reminded of the dishonour that the mere name held.

She danced; each sound from the Ogene more intoxicating than the last, the Opi giving her a reason to move her waist. The moon’s light peeped over the bushes behind which she hid. She closed her eyes, gripping sand with her toes with each stomp.
Then she felt a sharp sting on her leg. She blinked rapidly to adjust to the light when the slippery creature slithered away. She sank to her buttocks with a great thud, desperately gripping the leg as she let out a sharp wail,
“Agwo!” She cried.
Out from the bushes, a man appeared, swift like an Agu. His eyes were small and sunken in his well chiselled face. His body was tall and huge like the Iroko, moving towards the wound. Putting his lips to the wound, he sucked the venom and spat. Her eyes were getting heavy. He picked her up like a limp antelope and threw her over his shoulder.
She fell into a deep sleep.

He watched and waited; watched the young wrestlers at Nkwo, hoping to see Otimgbo, to see if the bastard would show off any new skill like he usually did. Otimgbo was walking in circles and spitting all around, a sickening habit of his, that being his sign of ‘victory’.
But then, she caught his attention. She was hiding in a shrub beside him but he could see her. Her hair was as long as the mare’s tail; bouncing on her back with every step she took. Her eyes were closed but her skin shone with sweat, showing a glimpse of her well-endowed bosom. Her Akwa looked worn and torn but they caressed her so well in the light of the moon. He hid behind the bushes and watched her, carefully examining every inch of her. When, suddenly, she fell; he knew she was hurt and instinct kicked in. Continue reading

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Akuko-Ifo: Episode II

NightSky_1A very, very long time ago, the land and the sky were friends. The sky even came down to visit the Land on most days.

The Land was the custodian of the rain and this made Land incredibly wealthy. The rains went upwards, and eventually downwards, so the earth was always green and beautiful. Land was very generous with her rain and so the earth flourished abundantly.

Of course, the Sky was very envious of the Land, because she hardly did anything. She was always dry and stagnant, and directly received the painful rays of the Sun.

The Sky’s envy increased when the Land and the Sun fell in love. Sky was outraged.

One day, Sun mysteriously disappeared.

Land looked high and low for her love, Sun, but did not find him. She was very sad. Because of this, she could not control the rain anymore, and the earth flooded a lot.

After searching all over the world for the Sun in vain, all the other elements decided to organize a burial for the Sun. They set a date and prepared the venue for the occasion.

Some days before the burial, the Sky came to visit Land to sympathize with her, and when she saw the flooded earth, she got an idea.

“It seems that you, Land, are not in the right frame of mind to be controlling the rains,” Sky began, “and you know that it is bad luck for it to rain during a burial…”

Land thought about this for a while before nodding her head sadly, “You are right my friend, I cannot control the rain in this state.” She told the Sky.

“Yes, so why don’t I hold the rains for you for a while, and after the burial, I will come and give it back to you.” Sky said.

Land clapped her hand happily as she said, “You are right!”

So, with grief blinding her, Land gave the rain to her friend, Sky, to hold for her briefly. Sky was overjoyed as she went back to her spot above, with the rains in her hand.

On the day of the burial, all the elements gathered to sympathize with the Land.

Everything ran smoothly until it began to rain heavily.

Everyone was confused, especially the Land.

She went to confront Sky, and soon realized that she had been betrayed by the Sky.

“Where is my rain, please give me back my rain!” the Land pleaded as she tried to grab the Sky.

All the elements, even the Wind, tried to reach the Sky, but none could reach.

The Sky shifted further and further away until she was so high that not even Land’s tallest trees could touch her.

“I will give you rain whenever I feel like it.” Sky said.

The Sky became very stingy with her rain and the Earth had to beg most times.

Sun kept disappearing for many days in a year, and whenever the elements tried to organize a burial, the Sky would wickedly release her rains.

On those days, it is said that all the elements join forces to help the Land retrieve her rain and even the leaves of the tall trees lunge forward towards the Sky.

If you doubt me, go and ask the Sky why she doesn’t visit the Land anymore.

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