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Akuko-Ifo: Episode III

Could it be? Is it true? Is she really…

LOL. Yes. It’s another episode of Akuko Ifo stories. Hope you enjoy!

taleOnce upon a time, in a small, lonely town, there lived a girl called Rotachi. Rotachi was a very talented girl and very funnyΒ too. When Rotachi was very young, she lived happily with her parents; her parents both loved her very much.

But one day, her father married another wife.

The second wife was very polite at first, but as timeΒ went by, it became clear that she hated Rotachi. They all lived a very hostile cohabitation in their small house.

Soon, Rotachi’s mother became very ill and just before she died, she told Rotachi a proverb, “If you cannot please the gods, trick them.” The proverb lingered at the back of her mind as she grew. Continue reading